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    Our mission

    An Egyptian company working under slogan of a single entity that grows together and aims to reach the psychological health of people at the highest levels by maintaining the basic structure of the external appearance and restoring good health to the skin, hair and related matters.

    Our Vision

    After five years from now, AB Derma Beauty Company will become one of the five largest successful companies in Egypt in the field of cosmetic treatment for skin and hair, by providing IDEAL VELA products that are distinguished for their high effectiveness and high quality for those suffering from hair and skin problems.

    Ingredients Sourcing

    All active ingredients contained in ideal vela from Europe and are developed through rigorous and long examinations and testing processes; this selective process ensures our treatments contain only the purest components, compounds and ingredients.


    The entire IDEAL VELA portfolio of products is made in the EGYPT under strict cGMP conditions. We use manufacturers that are routinely audited and reviewed by agencies responsible for ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of biological products and cosmetics. The end consumer benefits from this protection and can trust that the highest manufacturing standards have been observed in the preparation of all IDEAL VELA products.