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    IDEAL VELA is specified to treat of hair loss and genetic baldness through scientifically proven ingredients and it is practically the ideal solution to stop hair loss. This treatment contains effective ingredients that stop the enzyme responsible for the process of genetic baldness, which is 5 alpha reductase and other ingredients that nourish the follicle to produce hair.
    Hair growth goes through several distinct stages:

    Anagen: the growth phase of hair. An unknown signal tells follicle stem cells to do their thing. Next, the permanent part of the follicle. The dermal papilla gives the go signal to hair matrix cells. Those cells grow wildly and become pigmented, creating a new hair shaft. At any given time, 90% of hair cells are in this stage.

    Exogen: the new hair shaft pushes the old, dead hair shaft out of the skin. The old hair falls out.

    Anagen finished: the new hair extends beyond the surface of the skin and keeps growing. The hair shaft fully matures.

    Catagen: the lower two-thirds of the follicle shrivels up and is destroyed. The dermal papilla remains attached to the regressing follicle.

    Telogen: the withered follicle rests. It waits for a signal telling it to start all over again.

    Losing hair is part of a normal cycle of growth and replacement. Hair follicles go through the growth and resting cycle in a nonsynchronized fashion. But sometimes things go wrong.

    What is clear is that the same thing happens in men and women. But when the problem happens, hair follicles get smaller. The anagen stage of hair growth gets shorter, and the resting (telogen) stage gets longer.

    The result: thin, very short hairs and many follicles empty of hair shafts.
    All active ingredients contained in ideal vela are scientifically proven in the process of stopping hair loss and new hair germination. Ideal vela products were used on a number of patients and showed the desired results without side effects.